Engagement Committee

SSWAN Engagement Committee Webpage


  • Identify and educate relevant stakeholders as a means to secure school social work roles within the District, State, Federal and Legislative Arenas
  • Promote and provide educational opportunities for SSWAN members and other professionals
  • Increase visibility of the school social work profession by pursuing opportunities for SSWAN members to present at local and regional conferences and publish in professional journals.
  • Coordinate promotion of SSWAN’s annual School Social Worker of the Year Award
  • Produce and distribute SSWAN publicity materials, including power point presentation and brochure, outlining the value of the school social work profession and benefits of SSWAN membership
  • Support SSWAN’s organizational capacity to serve members through enhanced internal communication and ongoing website development.

Goals for 2020-2021

    • We will increase engagement opportunities for members.
    • We will provide educational opportunities for members.
    • We will use various avenues to recognize SSWs.

Committee Head and Contact Info

For more information or to become involved with the SSWAAN Engagement Committee, please contact:

  • Whitney Brown, wbrown@lps.org
  • Carrie Erks, cerks@lps.org

Resources/Relevant Links