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Conference Committee


One way SSWAN promotes educational training is through an annual statewide conference open to social workers, therapists, counselors and any other helping professions. This conference typically takes place in the spring.  The Conference Committee plans and organizes this conference each year. 

Committee responsibilities include:
1. Identifying a topic relevant to the growth of school social workers.
2. Identifying and contracting speakers to help present the identified topic. 
3. Securing a facility to accommodate the conference.
4. Selecting reasonably priced breakfast and lunch options for conference day.
5. Creating conference brochures and registration forms.
6. Promoting conference through Save the Date emails/flyers and social media. 
7. Producing CEU certificates when applicable. 
8. Creating conference evaluation forms and reviewing completed forms after the conference.

2016-2017 Goals

  1. Create a centralized system to keep track of conference sponsorships and contacts to reference during conference planning each year.

  1. Look at conference registrations from past 4 conferences to determine the number of people who attend from various cities.

  1. Create and send out survey to determine how likely people are to attend a conference held outside of their home city; Who has to pay out-of-pocket for conference fees versus those who have fees paid by their district; What topics interest people for future conferences; Is there interest in having both a fall and spring SSWAN conference. The fall conference focusing on school social work topics and the spring conference focusing on topics of interest for a broader audience.

Committee Chair Contact Information 

Michelle Brady- Millard School Social Worker

Past conference topics:
  • Strategies for Working with Anxiety, Attachment Disorders, OCD and Hoarding
  • Juvenile Justice, Ethics and Adolescence
  • Helping Children through Truancy, Foster Care and Addictions
  • Intervening in Generations of Family Dysfunction, Poverty and Addictions
  • Challenges Faced by Immigrants and Refugees