School Social Work Association of Nebraska

School Social Work Association of Nebraska

(Revised & Approved May 1st, 2014)

Article I: Official Title

The name of the organization shall be the School Social Work Association of Nebraska,

hereafter referred to as SSWAN.

Article II: Purpose

The purpose of  the School Social Work Association of Nebraska is to promote professional excellence among school social workers in an effort to enhance the well being of students, families and community within the educational system.

Specifically, the purpose of SSWAN is:

1.      To encourage the continued development of school social work services in Nebraska.

2.      To interpret school social work, its professional base, its practice, and its function to the educational community, and the community at large.

3.      To encourage dialogue amongst school social workers throughout the state and with other disciplines within the community at large.

4.      To network with state and local organizations which share concerns about the health, education, and safety of the residents of Nebraska.

5.      To maintain liaison relationships with state and national associations, organizations and educational institutions whose purpose includes the education and development of children.

6.      To provide continuing education opportunities for school social workers and other human service professionals.

Article III:Membership

Section I.        Eligibility

A. Regular Membership—Individuals must hold a minimum of Bachelor’s degree from an approved school of social work and be employed in school social work.
B. Associate Membership—This membership is designed for colleagues (teachers, administrators, counselors, psychologists, and consultants) in the field of education and for social workers practicing in settings other than school social work.  All rights, privileges, and obligations pertaining to membership apply also to associate membership except for voting or holding office.
C. Retired Membership—All retired school social workers are eligible for membership.  All rights, privileges, and obligations pertaining to membership shall apply.  They shall be declared honorary members without due obligations.
D. Student Membership—All junior college, college and graduate students interested in the field of school social work shall be eligible for membership. All rights, privileges, and obligations pertaining to membership shall apply with the following exceptions:  a.  Dues shall be one-half regular membership, b. Ineligible to vote or hold office.

Section II.       Dues
Dues for membership shall be fixed by the Executive Committee.  Dues cover membership for one school year and are payable by September 30.
Dues paid at annual Spring Conference will be applied to the following school year membership.

Article IV: Officers

Section I.  
The officers of the School Social Work Association of Nebraska shall be President, President-Elect, Member at Large, Secretary and Treasurer.  These Officers shall constitute the Executive Committee.

Section II. Nominations, Elections and Terms of Office

A. Nominations and Elections:  Nominations will be accepted at the March meeting by the Association President.  Elections will be held by ballot and by majority vote of the membership via e-mail.  Ballots will be sent out and counted by the Association President.  Membership will be notified of election results in a timely manner.  Officers shall be elected from among the members of SSWAN with at least one year membership.

B. Terms of Office:  The terms of office for President and President-Elect shall be for two years beginning at August meeting.  Secretary and Treasurer will be elected / re-elected every two (2) years. Member at Large will serve (1) year term beginning in August.

Section III. Removal of Officers

A.  Removal of Officers.  For due cause, officers shall be removed from office at any meeting of SSWAN by a three/fourths vote of members present.  Such intent must have been submitted by a SSWAN member   writing at least ten days prior to the meeting.  All members will notified of such intent.  Due cause shall include, but not be limited to, nonattendance at SSWAN meetings and SSWAN functions, failure to fulfill responsibilities of office, or unethical professional conduct.

Section IV. Duties of the Executive Board / Officers
A.     President.  The duties of the president shall include:

1. Prepare agendas for and chair all SSWAN meetings.

2. Accept resignations and seek officers to fill unexpired terms.

3. Serve as official representative of SSWAN.

4. Serve as liaison to the Midwest School Social Work Council.

5. Generate State Report Annually for MSSWC.

6. Accept election nominations; develop ballot roster, disseminate and collect ballots and report election results to membership.

7. Assist with Committees

B. President-Elect. The duties of the President-Elect shall include:

1. Consult with the President.

2. Assume duties of the President should the President be unable  to assume them.

3. Assist with Committees

4. Serve as liaison to the Midwest School Social Work Council.

5. Assume other duties as assigned.

6. Schedule SSWAN Meetings for following Year

C. Member at Large

  1. Must be a current active member of SSWAN at time of nomination and during term.
  2. Active participant in SSWAN meetings and on Board.
  3. Serve as tie breaker for the executive board if needed.

D. Secretary.  The duties of the Secretary shall include:

1. Maintain a record of all SSWAN proceedings.

2. Publish and disseminate minutes of SSWAN meetings to all SSWAN members within 14 days after a SSWAN meeting.

3. Assume other duties as assigned.

4. Maintain an up-to-date email list of membership

E. Treasurer.  The duties of the Treasurer shall include:

1. Establish appropriate accounts in the names of the School Social Work Association of Nebraska.

2. Maintain accurate records of all accounts of SSWAN.

3. Provide a written financial statement of SSWAN semi- annually.

4. Compile an up-to-date list of members.

5. Disburse funds as directed by the SSWAN.

6. Assume other duties as assigned.

F. Committee Heads.  The duties of the Committee heads shall include:

  1. Upkeep role/responsibility for specific committees
  2. Attend regular board meetings
  3. Schedule and attend regular committee meetings
  4. Update committee website page and committee google folder
  5. Maintain list of committee members
  6. Creation and Implementation of goals and objectives for committee for current year
  7. Assume other duties as assigned

Article V: Meetings

Robert’s Rules of Order, Revised shall be the authority governing all matters of procedure not otherwise covered in this Constitution and Bi-laws.

Section I.        Meetings.  
The SSWAN shall meet regularly August through May and as needed during the summer months.

Section II.       Time and notice.  
The SSWAN officers shall determine dates and locations of meetings.  Notification of next meeting date will be included in the Secretary’s minutes.

Article VI: Amendment to Constitution

The Constitution may be amended at the April meeting of SSWAN or at a special meeting called for this purpose.

Article VII: Ratification of Constitution

This Constitution and Bi-laws shall be accepted and shall become effective upon a two-thirds majority vote of the Membership at the May meeting or at a special meeting called for this purpose.

Article VIII: Dissolution of SSWAN

In the event that the School Social Work Association of Nebraska is dissolved, all available funds will be dispersed for the promotion and development of school social work to a non-profit fund, foundation, or corporation which has established its tax exempt status under section 501(c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code (9/88).

SSWAN Administrator,
May 13, 2013, 1:04 PM